Dr-Alireza-EttefaghianDr Alireza Ettefaghian (BEng, BSc, MPhil, PhD) was appointed as Head of Business Intelligence and Process Analytics by AT Medics on Wednesday 3rd June 2015.

Dr Alireza has previously held an Associate Researcher role at Ford Motor Company, working on improving data gathering processes and developing business intelligence solutions focussed on increasing efficiency. He has also lectured at the University of Greenwich on Business Process Modelling & Simulation, as well as supervising undergraduate student projects and leading demonstrations for the IT and Database Management labs at the university.

Dr Alireza will be applying his in-depth knowledge and experience in systems development to AT Medics, focussed on the development and implementation of a Primary Care Quality Dashboard system (also known as a Business Intelligence System – BIS) together with improving the processes of data extraction and data visualisation performance (also known as Business Process Analytics – BPA), influencing and improving workflow for the vast majority of AT Medics staff members.

Aligning BIS and BPA will assist the whole organisation in achieving organisational objectives and targets through a closed loop of performance management, where metrics are compared with organisational objectives and the results are fed back to improve processes and decisions. Dr Alireza’s role is integral to the operational development of AT Medics.