AT Medics recently added Albert Road and Britannia Village Surgeries to its portfolio of practices, on Wednesday 1st July 2015.

Both practices have endured issues related to lack of continuity of patient care, inadequate premises and resources, several clinical issues and a disengaged patient population.

AT Medics will be tackling these issues head on, with lack of continuity of patient care at the forefront; a number of permanent and part-time GPs will be joining the practices in early August 2015 and this will undoubtedly create stability, increased safety and high-quality standards of patient care.

With in-depth knowledge and an unmatched track record of delivering enhanced services and public health commissioned services, AT Medics will also develop the existing and new services based on a better understanding of patient needs.

Much of the immense backlog of clinical administration inherited has been dealt with proficiently in the past four weeks, as well as the investment and implementation of a new and improved telephony system to enhance patient access.

Dr Muneeb Choudhry, AT Medics GP Director and Founder commented “We certainly have been presented with a challenge with Albert Road and Britannia Village surgeries, though we welcome them and are committed to delivering a high-quality patient care standard – this is what every patient deserves, and it is the foundation of our organisational ethos.

Our extensive experience in clinical turnaround where governance issues exist has resulted in our unmatched reputation for clinical improvement, and we will also be pursuing QPA (Quality Practice Award), the highest award in UK General Practice, to further ensure a holistic development of better patient care throughout our practice teams.”

As leaders in medical education, AT Medics is pleased to add Albert Road and Britannia Village to its growing portfolio of School of General Practice accredited teaching practices, and will continue their excellent reputation of developing first class GPs for London. It is with great pleasure that AT Medics has accepted a five year contract to manage Albert Road and Britannia Village surgeries.