AT Medics commenced its management contract for Cassidy Medical Centre on Saturday 1st August 2015, now delivering primary healthcare services at three West London based practices.

Cassidy Medical Centre has experienced issues related to lack of continuity of patient care with instability in GPs sessions, resulting in several clinical issues and a disengaged patient population.

With extensive experience in clinical turnaround where governance issues exist, AT Medics has embraced the challenge of significant clinical improvement for Cassidy Medical Centre, and has taken immediate practical measures; a number of permanent and part-time GPs will be joining the practice immediately and this will undoubtedly establish stability, increased safety and high-quality standards of patient care.

Also in West London, Barlby Surgery has been managed by AT Medics since 2004 and Kings Road Medical Centre since 2007, with a combined population of just under 20,000 patients. Both practices have been awarded the Quality Practice Award (the highest award in UK General Practice), Investors in People accreditation (world-class management framework for staff high performance) and ISO 9001 (internationally recognised standard for quality management). AT Medics will be utilising this experience and their resources for holistic development at Cassidy Medical Centre.

Dr Aumran Tahir, AT Medics GP Director and Founder commented “Patient care and safety must always be the focus of our efforts. I lead on Quality Improvement, IT and Research for AT Medics, and also hold the role of Clinical Director of the North West London Whole Systems Integrated Care Programme. Both of these roles allow me to bring a depth of knowledge and experience in comprehensive improvement of service delivery whilst nurturing, developing, integrating and empowering our West London teams.

The team at CMC are wonderful and I am very pleased to welcome them to the AT Medics family. I am confident that we have the track-record and enthusiasm to serve another 5,000 patients with the same high levels of quality care that we already deliver at Barlby and Kings Road.”

It is with great pleasure that AT Medics has accepted a five year contract to manage Cassidy Medical Centre.

Tribute to the founder of Cassidy Medical Centre

Our condolences are with the families, friends and patients of Dr Constantinos Dellaportas who recently passed away. Dr Dellaportas was the founder of Cassidy Medical Centre and was a locally respected Senior Partner for more than 20 years. He let go of his creation (CMC) some years ago to pursue his dream as Associate Specialist Neurologist at Charing Cross Hospital having worked at the hospital previously as an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Neurology.

He died prematurely aged 67 of lung cancer after having spent his life working for the NHS. He worked until two weeks before his passing away.

Dr Sonali Mukherjee-Bose, a lead GP at AT Medics’ Barlby Surgery, was fortunate enough to be Dr Dellaportas’ Junior Partner from 1999 to 2004, and in tribute to her mentor she wrote the following poem:


Tragedy, or tranquillity,

Catastrophe or calamity,

Gone? Truly vanquished for eternity.


No chance of such,

Your presence will always be.

The one who brought serendipity.


May you be truly content,

Amidst heavens galore,

Your legacy beaming,

For all your deeds before.


To give a life to one’s conscience,

And sequence of beliefs,

Believe me unnoticed this did not pass,

A soothing blitz….


Of your noble word,

To praise, is belittling.

To aspire is confounding.


Your kindness,

Entrapped within its own camouflage,

Often a time,

Bringing life to the large.


May this heavenly soul,

So full of bliss,

Be immortal,

As a fervent wish.


How can I lie still?

With knowledge that this world,

Scampered and ravaged.

Has Lost a soul divine,

The pining echoes of a hollow mine,

Taunting and haunting time over time.


Your patients and disciples,

Dear, near and peripheral,

Forget will never,

Immortal for ever,

May God be one with you.