Thamesmead Health Centre organised a Diabetes Awareness Day at Greenwich Islamic Centre on Friday 5th June 2015 as part of an ongoing proactive approach to raising health awareness within local communities.

Members of the local community received advice and literature raising awareness about diabetes, its causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention. A presentation was also delivered about how to manage diabetes during the forthcoming month of Ramadan, where Muslims observe demanding fasting conditions during daylight hours.

Ismail Jama, Community Health Worker and Health Care Assistant at Thamesmead Health Centre coordinated the event and was on hand to deliver advice and leaflets.

Diabetes UK Community Champions (Julia and Brakesh) communicated pertinent and practical experiences to the community who expressed great concerns about the high rate of diabetes within the local population.

Farid Masror, Winchat Pharmacy Manager and Co-stop Smoking Specialist Advisor delivered expert advice on how to quit smoking for good as well as raising awareness about the risks of cancer diagnosis associated with smoking.

Dr Usman Quraishi, AT Medics GP Director and Founder was also present and met with community members to highlight the importance of being aware about diabetes and how individuals and family members can help to manage this effectively.

Thamesmead Health Centre will be delivering similar awareness days and activities at other places of worship and community centres around the local area where there are high population footfalls, strategically disseminating information in a very relevant and community centric approach.

Special thanks to Greenwich Islamic Centre’s Adel Khaireh (Youth Project Coordinator) and Zakariya Gale (photographer/videographer).