Commemorating Nurse Edith Cavell’s centenary of execution, Edith Cavell Surgery will be holding week-long services starting today including FREE mini health-checks, activities, fundraising and remembrance for one of healthcare’s best known heroines.

Edith Cavell Surgery invited all members of the public to attend on Monday 12 October 2015 for the unveiling of a memorial plaque by AT Medics’ CEO and long standing Nurse, Susan Sinclair at 5pm – the surgery observed a minutes silence and some words of remembrance, together with FREE mini health-checks, carers coffee afternoons and health training sessions throughout the week.

AT Medics Chief Executive Officer Susan Sinclair said “Nurse Edith Cavell reminds us of our obligation to deliver compassionate care, even in the most challenging of times and places. She remains a beacon for humanitarian ideals, and her legacy continues to support the development of nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants who are faced with adversity, and who strive to uphold her unfaltering commitment to the delivery of care. Edith Cavell Surgery is particularly special to us, as it was one of the first in the family of practices that AT Medics began to manage in 2006, and many of our core values have developed and emerged here.

Today, we are together facing challenging times and a changing landscape for national healthcare, but we remain committed to our ethos of improving the healthcare and improving the lives of our patients without any kind of prejudice, and we look forward to welcoming members of the public, patients and colleagues today to remember Edith Cavell, who gave her life whilst serving patients in the most adverse of situations.”

Bushrra Ali, Practice Administrator at Edith Cavell Surgery, attended a wreath laying ceremony in Trafalgar Square on behalf of the surgery and its patients, picture included below.

About Nurse Edith Cavell

Nurse Edith Louisa Cavell (4 December 1865 – 12 October 1915) was a British nurse and is celebrated for saving the lives of soldiers from both sides without discrimination and in helping some 200 Allied soldiers escape from German-occupied Belgium during the First World War, for which she was arrested. She was subsequently court-martialled, found guilty of treason and sentenced to death. Despite international pressure for mercy, she was shot by a German firing squad. Her execution received worldwide condemnation and extensive press coverage.

She is well known for her statements “patriotism is not enough” and “I can’t stop while there are lives to be saved.”

Edith Cavell Surgery is a proud supporter of Cavell Nurses’ Trust, Edith Cavell’s legacy charity which provides help for Nurses, Midwives, Healthcare Assistants & students suffering financial or personal hardship. Funds raised by the surgery throughout the memorial week will be donated to the Trust, whilst the surgery continues to raise awareness and funds for the charity throughout the year.