Albert Road and Britannia Village Surgery patients are invited to join in our new initiative in partnership with activeNewham: the Health Active Programme, designed to provide patients over 65 and those with Long Term Conditions with FREE access to exercise and social activities. We recognise the great need to reach out to patients with services that can assist in intervention and prevention of ill-health, and following on from our recent Open Day and PPG meeting at Albert Road Surgery, we are responding to the requests of patients to provide convenient access to community services.

The Health Active Programme is the only GP based project that is part of “Get Moving“, a project led by the Mayor of London’s office (Greater London Authority) which aims to champion fresh approaches to physical, creative and social activity for Londoners in later life, and will be delivered between 6th May 2016 and 29th July 2016.

We aim to get over 65s to regularly exercise, and to reduce loneliness and isolation. Using Albert Road Surgery as a meeting point, over 65s can undertake a range of activities. Patients will be prescribed exercise to encourage participation and can also self-refer >>

Albert and Britannia Surgery has 8,000+ registered patients, of whom more than 370 are over 65 years old, several are housebound patients and over 1,700 patients suffer Long Term Conditions, obesity or are carers. These populations are the focus of our programme, as we recognise the particular risks around health outcomes that lack of physical and social activity result in.

The project utilises space within Albert Road Surgery to form a community hub, with a range of events, including exercise, stretching and mobility, light circuit and aerobic style classes, some of which may be chair based if necessary.

Motivational interviewing techniques will be used to recruit and maintain participation. The hub will also form a base for health engagement sessions. 150 minutes of exercise per week will be available, and 109 sessions over the programme.

Adopting both seated and standing exercise programmes will improve inclusiveness of attendees, and provide a mixture of strength building and cardiovascular exercise.

The exercise programmes and session routine will be designed and delivered by the expert team at activeNewham. AT Medics will be providing the space at Albert Road Surgery, raising awareness and prescribing exercise, whilst delivering NHS Healthchecks and NHS Livewell factsheets to attendees.

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