Since September 2015, Whitechapel Health Centre and it’s Patient Participation Group have been working to gather support for the installation of Park Gyms in the locality.

The purpose of the Park Gyms is to encourage a healthier community, particularly since many local residents may find access to membership gyms unaffordable.

On Thursday 21st January 2016, Dr Hasnain Abbasi and a delegation of dedicated PPG Members from Whitechapel Health Centre visited Mayor John Biggs with over 600 signatures that had been collected as part of an online and offline local petition. Dr Abbasi explained to the Mayor that such initiatives have proven to have excellent results for communities, encouraging better health and illness prevention as well as community cohesion. Dr Abbasi also mentioned that this specific initiative had already been welcomed by Public Health England who were shortly going to be confirming funding for the equipment, and that the council would need to support this by way of permission and facilitation.

Whitechapel Health Centre is committed to delivering better health outcomes and care to its patients and to the local community, and is proud to be leading on this initiative for the locality.