Traditional general practice is changing. Three-quarters of practices are now working collaboratively in larger-scale organisations – albeit with varying degrees of ambition. Policy-makers and practitioners have high hopes for these organisations and their potential to transform services both within primary care and beyond.

This research by Nuffield Trust presents the key findings from a 15-month study of large-scale general practice organisations in England. It was informed by an extensive literature review, and combined national surveys with in-depth case studies of contrasting, large-scale general practice organisations and analysis of 15 quality indicators.

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Rebecca Rosen and Stephanie Kumpunen of Nuffield Trust said “We are pleased to share with you a major new research report from the Nuffield Trust – launched today – which explores the development and impact of ‘large-scale’ general practice organisations.

This research examines the progress of well-established organisations, and assesses how large-scale models could be developed or strengthened across the sector.

The study – the culmination of a 15-month project – draws on case studies and quantitative data from mature large-scale organisations across the country to explore:

  • What should practitioners realistically expect when it comes to leading or being members of a large scale general practice organisation?
  • What are the implications of large-scale models for patient and professional satisfaction?
  • How do these models affect clinical outcomes?

The report also offers tips and lessons about how to establish these models effectively, as well as important recommendations for national leaders and commissioners.”
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