The UK has a high unemployment rate amongst its youth. According to a recent report, one in five of UK’s 16 to 24 years old are classed as NEET (Not in Education, Training or Employment). This is leading to various societal problems.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, AT Medics has recently setup a new, organisation wide, Apprenticeship Scheme. One of the aims of this scheme is to help young people to enter into the permanent employment. As part of this scheme, AT Medics will provide career opportunities to bright and ambitious young people from local areas. Apprentices will be hired, as admin staff, at various local surgeries. Employing apprentices locally will not only be beneficial for local economy but it will also have a positive impact on the local society.

AT Medics aims to provide high level of training to recruited apprentices. There will be opportunities for permanent position and progression within the company, as well. Previously, admin staff has been trained to become practice administrators. Also, some admin staff has progressed to work as Health Care Assistants. The apprentices will be assigned a named mentor. Also, efforts would be made to establish regular contacts between apprentices and senior management. AT Medics will also conduct regular staff satisfaction survey developed specially for apprentices. At the end of apprentice program, the apprentices will also get a highly recognised NVQ level 2 qualification.

Supporting AT Medics in this initiative is Intraining, one of the UK’s largest apprenticeship training providers, who aims to develop people through learning and achievement for the benefit of themselves, society and the economy. Intraining has been instrumental in recruitment of apprentices for a number of our surgeries, providing support for the apprentices and our management team.