EZ Analytics featured in the The Health Foundation’s recent case study on Data Sharing in General Practice.

The Health Foundation briefing, named “Sharing to improve”, centres around approaches to collaborative data sharing that enable improvement in the quality of care. There are four case studies presented in the briefing, and EZ Analytics (case 3) is a good example of a platform and methodology developed by GPs within primary care, for primary care and the wider heath system, that continues to demonstrably improve patient health.

AT Medics has been progressing the development of its business intelligence (BI) capabilities since 2013, and this has been further accelerated through AT Tech, the dedicated technology provider for AT Medics and to the NHS. The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with University of Surrey that has helped to develop AT Medics BI also achieved the highest award of Outstanding and Certificate of Excellence by Innovate UK earlier this year.

The AT Medics case study shares practical learning and insights for utilising a data driven approach to improving care outcomes, and how presenting comparative data on a series of dashboards across the organisation can be used as a means to assure quality of care across practices, as more joined up and at-scale working emerges in primary care.

EZ Analytics offers applications that enable monitoring and improvement of over 800 clinical indicators, as well as corporate and operational KPIs. The Health Foundation’s report show cases AT Medics’ use of BI to improve influenza uptake, resulting in a dramatic improvement that is broadly above the London average attainment rate:

Read the full case study now, and skip to the AT Medics piece on page 11 (case 3).

Read the case study now


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