We are proud to announce that Thornton Road Surgery has been Awarded the prestigious Royal College of General Practitioners Quality Practice Award.

Quality Practice Award (QPA) is an award that is given to General Practitioner practices in the United Kingdom to show recognition for high quality patient care by all members of staff in the team. It is awarded by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).

QPA is a standards-based quality accreditation process designed to improve patient care by encouraging and supporting practices to deliver the very highest quality care to their patients. The award recognises the commitment of the entire team including non-clinical staff in providing high quality care for patients within a learning and adaptive environment.

QPA is the highest attainable award available from the RCGP encompassing a large clinical component and assessment of patient experience, asking contributing team members to demonstrate reflective learning resulting in a quality initiative that is a holistic process of quality improvement. A full day assessment visit was conducted by a panel of three people from RCGP, comprising a combination of GPs, Nurses, and Managers.